A Moment of Calm in a City of Noise

Yogi-sthaan, Bangalore

Little can prepare you for the overwhelming sights, sounds and smells that epitomise India: the dazzling colours, towering temples, the tantalising smell of spices and the hustle and bustle of one billion Indians going about their lives. India is a country that never stops to catch its breath. Except, that is, at Yogi-sthaan. The tranquil atmosphere provides the ultimate respite from the carnage outside, making you forget where you are completely – until a passing cow causes mayhem on the street outside by colliding with a vegetable cart.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 21.55.22

Taking a yoga class in India is on many a tourist’s bucket list when travelling in the subcontinent. Yogi-sthaan (formerly the Yoga House) offers a number of different classes catering to varying abilities at reasonable prices. So whether you’re an intrepid beginner seeking escape from India’s chaos or a more experienced yogi looking for your daily fix, Yogi-sthaan has something you’ll love.

Alternatively, simply sit and enjoy the atmosphere, whiling away the hours in the serene garden cafe. Chat with friends or lose yourself in a book whilst sipping a cup of spicy masala chai and sampling their delicious menu of organic, locally sourced food.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 19.43.12

Even the most experienced traveller’s tolerance levels can run low in this spectacular but exhausting country. So whether you’re staying for a week in one of their chic, minimalist bedrooms or just passing through for a class and a green juice, there is nowhere better to recharge your batteries and prepare yourself to re-enter the chaotic parallel universe that is India.

For more information about Yogi-sthaan or to make reservations, visit their website: www.yogisthaan.com


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