Aire de Sevilla: The most luxurious stop on the tourist trail

Whether you’re a tourist on a sun-soaked city break looking for somewhere to relax or a local Sevillano recovering from chaos of Semena Santa and the Feria de Abril, you won’t find anywhere more idyllic or tranquil than Seville’s ancient baths.


Built in an old 16th century mansion in the Casco Antiguo district of the city, Aire de Sevilla recreates the traditional Arabic bath house, with a modern, luxurious twist. Upon entering the building and its riad-style foyer, you immediately begin to feel a sense of calm. This is compounded when you reach the darkened, candlelit baths themselves – particularly if you opt in to enjoy an additional treatment such as a massage or their ultimate luxury, the Wine Bath Experience.


The baths feel totally isolated from the city outside, allowing you to switch off completely from the world. There is also a rooftop bath with an unparalleled view of Seville’s La Giralda, the exquisite Almohad bell tower of Seville’s magnificent cathedral. Head up there in the evening to enjoy sundowners with a glass of wine and the best views of the old city.


Though a relatively new enterprise, the history Aire de Sevilla evokes surely constitutes a cultural experience in itself. The baths hark back to the days when the Moors occupied southern Spain, contributing to the Arabic influences present throughout the city and beyond. What better excuse to enjoy a luxury break than to literally soak up some history?

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 13.46.43Moorish rule left its mark on Andalusian culture and architecture (image: Dead Curious)

You can also enjoy the experience of Aire in other cities including Almería, Barcelona, and New York – although the Seville branch is remarkably good value compared with its counterparts elsewhere. Prices at the Seville baths begin from €33, while in New York they start at $77 and reach $550 for the more lavish treatments. Aire is also coming to London and Chicago in 2018.


If you’re in need of a break after the chaos of Semana Santa, a hangover cure in the wake of the inevitably boozey Feria de Abril, or a chilled pamper session before a night on the sangria, Aire offers the perfect respite.

aire de s



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