5 health and beauty benefits of frankincense and how to use it

Frankincense comes from the sap of the Boswellia tree, which is predominantly found in Oman and Yemen. It was historically traded along the famous Silk Routes and is one of the Middle East’s most prized natural remedies. Today, it is also one of the most lucrative and expensive natural ingredients in beauty products and fragrances.

Omani Frankincense in particular (known locally as Luban) is legendary, and is widely believed to be the highest quality Frankincense in the world. Dhofar, with Salalah as its trading centre, is the historical source of the Frankincense that famously travelled along the Silk Routes centuries ago to be traded in markets as far flung as China and the western Mediterranean. According to the Bible, this highly coveted aromatic resin was given as a gift by the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon.

Not only does it smell sacred and luxurious, but Frankincense is a natural remedy used to treat various ailments. In this post, we explore the multiple health and beauty properties of Frankincense and how this magical resin can be used to enrich your life.

Health and beauty properties of Frankincense:

1. It reduces anxiety and depression

Frankincense is often used as a remedy for anxiety, stress and depression as it is believed to lift the mood and naturally enhance mental wellbeing. Its neuro-active components are believed to increase the oxygen supply to the pineal and pituitary glands in the brain, rebalancing your hormones and reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.

2. It has anti-inflammatory properties

Research indicates that the Boswellic Acid in Frankincense can prevent the release of leukotrienes, compounds that can cause inflammation in the body. Frankincense has therefore been used to treat the symptoms of arthritis, reducing pain and improving mobility over time. Its anti-inflammatory properties are also believed to support gut health, leading Frankincense to be used as a natural treatment for Crohn’s Disease.

3. It regenerates skin cells

Research has shown that Frankincense is highly beneficial for promoting the regeneration of skin cells, reducing scars and blemishes, and preventing premature ageing. It is believed to tighten, tone and lift the skin while enhancing and improving its elasticity.

4. It promotes oral health

Studies have shown that the Boswellic acid in Frankincense has strong antibacterial properties, which can help prevent and treat oral infections. It can also prevent bad breath, toothaches, cavities and mouth sores.

5. It improves asthma

Frankincense has been used for centuries in traditional medicine as a natural treatment for asthma and bronchitis. Modern research verifies its utility for such conditions, showing that compounds in Frankincense prevent the production of leukotrienes, which cause the bronchioles to constrict.

Ways to use frankincense:

  • Burn frankincense resin using charcoal discs for an intensely rich, sacred-smelling aroma.
  • Apply frankincense essential oil directly to the skin using a carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oil.
  • Inhale frankincense directly – either in the form of resin or essential oil.
  • Diffuse frankincense essential oil in an oil diffuser.
  • Infuse your drinking water with pure frankincense resin in a jar or water bottle.
  • Eat it! In ancient times people chewed frankincense like gum in order to improve their oral health.

Pink Jinn’s Omani Frankincense consists of a mixture of the highest quality pieces of Hojari Frankincense resin sourced from the Boswellia Sacra tree in Dhofar, southern Oman. These beautiful, ornate jars contain 100g of pure, natural Frankincense and come with a pack of charcoal discs and gold tongs for burning the resin.

At Pink Jinn, as well as buying from local suppliers in the Middle East and North Africa, we want to give back to the communities that have inspired our business by donating to charities in the region supporting local people, particularly victims of conflict. We are therefore donating a third of the profits from our Frankincense to Saba Relief, which is helping vulnerable children in Yemen by keeping them warm during the winter and providing critical access to education.

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