Pink Jinn was started in 2015 by Laura Cretney. After spending six months studying Arabic in Oman, Laura became frustrated at having to answer the same questions again and again when she discussed her travels back home:

“Is it safe?” “Isn’t it dangerous for a woman out there?” – often accompanied by raised eyebrows and worried looks…

She wanted to tell people about Oman’s mesmerising natural beauty, its kind, welcoming people and its fascinating culture. But instead she found herself having the same conversation again and again, trying every time to dispel the common preconceptions of the region as war-torn and repressive for women.

Laura created Pink Jinn to show a more positive and nuanced side to the Middle East and North Africa to that so frequently portrayed by the media. She wanted to share stories and images that would inspire people, emphasise their commonality and deepen their understanding of the region.


Having since obtained her Undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Middle East Politics and Arabic, Laura continues to travel the region and now works as a consultant for organisations and governments working in the MENA.

The region and its remarkable people continue to inspire her writing, which she hopes will encourage others to explore this fascinating part of the world.