COVID-19 Diplomacy in the Gulf: Iran and its Arab Neighbours (29 April 2020)

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#Influencers: 5 people inspiring positive change in the Middle East and beyond (12 February 2020)

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READING LIST: 10 books to help you understand Yemen (22 January 2020)

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Who is Haitham bin Tariq: 5 things you need to know about the new Sultan of Oman (12 January 2020)

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Uprising in Lebanon: What’s happening and why is it important? (23 October 2019)

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Revolution for Dummies: The Egyptian heart surgeon exiled for making jokes (10 December 2018)

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13 essential blogs and websites to help you understand the Middle East (12 November 2018)

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Stronger Than Bullets: Music on the frontlines of Libya’s revolution (1 November 2018)

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Caliphate: The addictive ISIS podcast that’s causing controversy (28 August 2018)

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Socotra: Conflict and climate threaten Yemen’s “alien” island paradise (24 August 2018)

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Why the Middle East’s next great security threat will come from the environment (5 June 2018)

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What a tiny island in the middle of the Irish Sea is doing to help Syria (21 March 2018)


15 essential podcasts to help you understand the Middle East (20 February 2018)

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Fauda: The Israeli Netflix drama that’s got the Middle East talking (13 February 2018)

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‘Dancing on the heads of snakes’: Yemen after Ali Abdullah Saleh (27 January 2018)

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Reasons to be hopeful in 2018 (10 January 2018)

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Mohammed bin Salman: 5 things you need to know about the most powerful man in Saudi Arabia (14 November 2017)


5 things you need to know to understand the Kurdish independence referendum (25 September 2017)

How to change the world (16 August 2017)

Turkey’s coup a year on: How the murky events of one night changed the course of Turkish politics (17 July 2017)

An Unsafe Haven: Essential Reading on World Refugee Day (20 June 2017)

The Qatar Spat: The Crack in the GCC’s Armour (6 June 2017)

Islamic State, Libya and the New Cold War (31 May 2017)

Trump in Saudi Arabia: What you missed while the media were obsessing over Melania’s wardrobe(22 May 2017)

Saudi Arabia, sectarianism and the battle for the Twittersphere (15 May 2017)

Yemeni town awaits an offensive that could turn the tide of the war – but at a cost (3 May 2017)

Turkey: The new Middle Eastern dictatorship? (20 April 2017)

Astana Talks: A turning point for Syria and the region? (25 January 2017)

Hard Choices: Trump, Brexit and the Rise of the Far Right(10 November 2016)

Pulling Out the Pin: Drawing Hezbollah Out of Syria (21 October 2016)

Saudi Arabia and Iran: Playing with Fire in Petroland (15 March 2016)

The Next Global Threat: Drones in the Hands of President Trump (4 March 2016)

Fire in the Desert: Nimr al-Nimr and the Future of Saudi Arabia (8 January 2016)

Into the Jungle (7 December 2015)

#dontjustprayforparis (15 November 2015)

Making Sense of Syria: An International Perspective (29 October 2015)

Meanwhile, in Yemen… (23 September 2015)

Trouble in Paradise: Amal Clooney’s Fight for Justice in the Maldives (17 September 2015)

A Mile in Their Shoes: Coming to Terms With the Yazidi Genocide (12 August 2015)

History Repeats Itself as the West Turns its Back on the Kurds (30 July 2015)

Too Little, Too Late: How Turkey Underestimated the Syrian Conflict (27 July 2015)


Oman: An Uncertain Future for ‘the Middle East’s Most Welcoming Absolute Monarchy’ (23 July 2015)


Qatar 2022: A Golden Opportunity in the Fight for Workers’ Rights in the Gulf (7 July 2015)


Not Our War: Kenya as a Pawn in America’s War on Terror (9 June 2015)

Operation Restoring Hope: A Dangerous Game For Saudi Arabia (5 June 2015)






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