READING LIST | 3 books to help you understand Oman

Oman hit the headlines recently after the passing of the country’s ruler of 49 years, Sultan Qaboos Al Said, in January 2020. These three books constitute an essential reading list for anyone with an interest in Oman - whether academic, professional or otherwise. They include both non-fiction and fiction books covering useful information about the country’s fascinating history, complex politics, and the ever-evolving cultural dynamics that make the Sultanate so special.

3 ethical food projects helping victims of conflict in the Middle East

Food is one of the best ways to break down cultural boundaries. Relationships are built over a shared meal or a cup of coffee, regardless of one’s background, ethnicity, class or religion. It’s the ultimate equaliser and a wonderful way to share one’s culture. The Middle East is famous worldwide for its incredible cuisine, from … Continue reading 3 ethical food projects helping victims of conflict in the Middle East

READING LIST | 10 books to help you understand Yemen

Yemen: The poorest country in the Middle East; The corner of the Arabian Peninsula widely ignored as the oil monarchies of the Gulf rose to riches and global prominence; And now, embroiled in a deadly civil war protracted by the interference of external powers, further destabilising an already war-torn region. Yemeni politics can be highly confusing for outsiders. These 10 books will help you understand this complex country and the ongoing conflict.