10 Palestinian foodies to follow

These 10 foodies are creating delectable dishes from Gaza to London to California. On this list you’ll find a mixture of famous best-selling authors and lesser-known, creative, sometimes part-time cooks. Follow them on social media for recipe inspiration, cooking classes and a unique insight into Palestinian cultural heritage.

The best cities to study Arabic in the Middle East: Nablus

We’ve created this clear, honest guide based on our own experiences to show you the good, the bad, the wonderful and the downright weird of studying abroad. Whether you’re a university student, a young professional with an interest in the region or you’re simply looking for a new adventure, this guide will help you find the perfect place for YOU to learn Arabic. This week… Nablus, Palestine

5 reasons to visit Palestine

Palestine is not your typical travel destination, by a long shot. Sure, it is rich in history and culture, has delicious cuisine, is religiously diverse, and contains multiple cosmopolitan city centres full of friendly and open people… but it’s also a zone of conflict, which leads many folks to cross it right off the travel bucket list. Here are five reasons why you should visit Palestine:

Fauda: The Israeli Netflix drama that’s got the Middle East talking

A Netflix series focusing on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is taking the Middle East by storm. Fauda follows the activities of the mista’arvim, an elite Israeli special forces unit who are trained and immersed in Palestinian culture in order to carry out undercover operations. The show has been praised and criticised by both sides for its … Continue reading Fauda: The Israeli Netflix drama that’s got the Middle East talking