Pulling out the pin: Drawing Hezbollah out of Syria

January, 2014. Assad's fall from power is inevitable. His army is haemorrhaging combat power through defections, demoralisation and tactical defeats. The coalition of nationalists and Islamists are cutting a path to Damascus like a scimitar through flesh. Six months later and Assad is not only still in power, but he is regaining territory from the rebels. Something … Continue reading Pulling out the pin: Drawing Hezbollah out of Syria


Into the Jungle

6,000 migrants live in the bitter cold limbo of the Calais 'Jungle.' Volunteering there this weekend at a clinic run by The Hummingbird Project, I was shocked by the inhumane conditions in which these people live so close to home. UNHCR Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan seems luxurious in comparison to the slum-like conditions of the … Continue reading Into the Jungle