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Welcome to the Souq, Pink Jinn’s social enterprise selling beautiful products and crafts inspired by cultural heritage in the Middle East and North Africa, supporting regional businesses, entrepreneurs, creatives and charitable causes.

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Three years ago while I was wandering through Nizwa Souq in Oman, I had an idea. I wanted to use Pink Jinn to bring some of the beautiful products and crafts I’d found on my travels across the Middle East to our wonderful readers back home, as a way of sharing the wonderful cultures of the region and supporting local businesses, entrepreneurs, creatives and causes.

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My house is full of gorgeous odds and ends from my travels, like Palestinian coffee cups, Moroccan tea glasses, Turkish ceramics, Jordanian dead Sea beauty products and Omani silver jewellery and frankincense. Each one brings me joy by reminding me of my time in the region and the wonderful people and cultures I came to know and love.


You’ve probably come across Pink Jinn because you have an interest in the Middle East and North Africa, whether that interest was sparked by work, study, travel or just pure curiosity. It’s my hope that the beautiful pieces in our Souq will bring you the same joy and nostalgia the mementos in my home bring me.

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After three years of brainstorming, searching for suppliers and testing products, we finally launched our first collection on Etsy in 2019. We hope you have as much fun browsing our magical products as we did sourcing them!

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The Khaleej collection is inspired by the rich history, spectacular nature and beautiful cultures of the Arabian Peninsula. This collection channels the sleepy, shifting sands of the Empty Quarter desert, the lush green oases of Salalah, the smell of frankincense wafting through open, stone villas and the spectacular traditional archways and mosaics of the region’s inimitable architecture.

A third of the profits from the Khaleej collection go to Saba Relief and Development Foundation to support their work with victims of conflict and displaced people in Yemen.


SALALAH & IBIZA AL OUD | Natural oil perfumes inspired by the Silk Routes by Evelyn Naón


The Balad al-Sham collection is inspired by the myriad cultures and artistic traditions of the countries of the Levant. The idea behind this collection is to take you on a visceral journey across the Levant’s diverse geography and also through time – from the Mediterranean beach bars of Beirut to the towns nestled in the fertile Palestinian hills, to the tiny, barely inhabited Bedouin villages of southern Jordan.

A third of the profits from the Balad al-Sham collection go to the Hands Up Foundation and its work with victims of the Syrian conflict.


KHALIL | Arabic coffee cups made and hand painted in Hebron, Palestine


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DAMASCUS and PALMYRA | Crochet zigzag clutch bags made in Syria, providing employment for women affected by the conflict

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