5 Instagram Accounts to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

  1. @jonathankingston

Jonathan Kingston is an American photographer working for Nat Geo Travel and National Geographic Creative. He specialises in storytelling through his photos, and his Instagram provides a collection of his “stories” from all over the world.


  1. @osbakir

Ömer Serkan Bakir is a Turkish photographer and Editor in Chief of Fotograf magazine, based in Istanbul. His Instagram is a stunning collection of his photos from around the world, featuring both mesmerising landscapes and intriguing people.


  1. @wanderingtrader

Trading in the stock market and travelling for a living, Marcello Arrambide is living the dream. His Instagram is a photographic testament to this, acting as a journal of his travels through 80 different countries and all seven continents.


  1. @low843

Michael Petit is an American photographer with an insatiable fascination with Cuba. His Instagram documents his many trips to the country, capturing its unique charm and character in his photos.


  1. @annapurnauna

Annapurna Mellor is a travel blogger and photographer who spends most of her life “on the run”. Seemingly unable to stay in one place for longer than a few months, her Instagram is the definition of ‘wanderlust’.




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