4 Foodies to Follow in Jordan

If you’re travelling or living in Jordan, you have 4 days to get your food fix before Ramadan starts! Why not take advice from one of these 4 fabulous foodies each day this week?

Whatever you fancy – authentic Levantine cuisine, pizza, sushi, chocolate drenched crêpes or something a little greener and healthier – they know ALL the best places to eat in the Kingdom.

The Two Tasters – Aya Sirriyeh & Nadeen Mashal


two tasters.png

The Two Tasters offer a really helpful, practical guide on where to eat in Jordan. Their Instagram page features plenty of traditional Jordanian food mixed with international cuisines including French, Italian, Japanese… the list goes on! Not only that, they even tell you which restaurants have Wi-Fi, shisha, credit card machines, kid friendly areas and everything else you could possibly need to know.

Foodie Jo – Yasmin Bani Hani


foodie jo.png

Though Yasmin admits Levantine cuisine is her favourite, her blog and Instagram highlight a huge variety cafés, restaurants and patisseries. She features a wide range of international food, from qebbeh to sushi, burgers to green juices. Perfect for someone living longer term in Amman who went overboard on mansaf during their first 6 months and needs to diversify!

A Taste of Amman – Rama Abu Hammour


taste amman.png

A Taste of Amman is a super up-to-date Instagram account featuring all the best places to eat in the capital. Perfect if you’re looking to try something new and for those with a sweet tooth… From knafeh to donuts, it would seem Rama has a special penchant for desserts – so if you like sweets, she’s your woman!

Chew On That – Raneen Murrar


chew on that.png

Two words: Fatty. Treats. ENJOY!

بالهناء والشفاء


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