4 photographers who will change your perception of Iran

An air of mystery seems to shroud the Islamic Republic of Iran. The country has frequently been the subject of negative press, which highlights tense relations with the West and other Middle Eastern countries, dubious links with militant groups in Syria and Iraq, and reports of human rights abuses in the country. Simply put, in the Western world Iran has developed a pretty bad rep.

Yet Iran is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the Middle East, with crowded cities nestled beneath snow-capped mountains, vast, empty deserts and small towns and villages filled with local people waiting to welcome you to their misunderstood country with a cup of sweet tea.


We’ve selected 4 photographers whose work will show you that Iran is so much more than its turbulent history and controversial politics.

1. Farzad Ahmadpoory (@farzadahmadpoory)

A raw photographic story of the daily realities of Iran and its local people. His work ranges from up-close and personal portraits on the streets of Tehran to fiery orange sunsets over rural Kurdistan.

Farzad Ahmad.png

2. Behrouz Mehri (@straydreams)

Mehri’s somewhat random collection of photographs show the many sides of life in Iran. It includes black and white, eerie images of burka clad women strolling through the streets of Yazd and candid pictures of young Iranians demonstrating for political reform, next to snaps of his ski trips in the mountains near Tehran.


3. Zahra Ostadzadeh (@zahraostadzadeh)

Zahra Ostadzadeh is a documentary photographer based in Qom whose work shows a bright, colourful and often playful side to the Islamic Republic.


4. Khashayar Sharifaee (@sharifaee)

Sharifaee‘s work takes you on a visual journey through the lesser known provinces of Iran, from Khorosan Rasavi where families pick saffron in purple-tinted fields to the beautiful, spiritual shrines of Qazvin.



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