Reasons to be hopeful in 2018

Happy new year!

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and that 2018 is a happy and prosperous one for you and your family! I also want to thank you so very much for reading and following Pink Jinn in 2017. We took a break in December but are back now and very excited for what 2018 will bring.

So much has happened in the world in 2017. The reverberations of an unprecedented shake-up in the White House are beginning to be felt from Europe to Saudi Arabia to North Korea. Meanwhile, the Syrian and Yemeni conflicts have continued to wreak havoc in the Middle East.

Many will look back at 2017 as a year of uncertainty and despair, but so many positive things have also happened to give us hope for a better 2018 and beyond! Here are a few to brighten up your Hump Day:

Women were empowered to speak out against sexual assault

Hollywood’s “me too” movement unveiled the magnitude of sexual assault and harassment in the entertainment industry, sparking intense debate about misogyny in the workplace and empowering women around the world to speak out against sexual assault.

Important medical breakthroughs were made

The World Health Organisation unveiled a new vaccine that’s cheap and effective enough to end cholera. Meanwhile UNAIDS, revealed that for the first time in history, half of all people on the planet with HIV are now getting treatment, and that AIDS deaths have dropped by half since 2005.

Progress was made for the environment

The hole in the ozone layer shrunk to its smallest size since 1988 and a new global alliance of more than 20 countries committed to ending their use of coal before 2030.

Americans were inspired to speak truth to power

As a result of the election of Donald Trump, thousands of young people have been inspired to become politically active, fighting back against hatred, discrimination and isolationism and even seeking election to public office.

The world became less violent

Global deaths from terrorism dropped by 22% from their peak in 2014 and the number of executions recorded worldwide fell by 37% since 2015.

And in the Middle East…

Saudi Arabia finally allowed women the legal right to drive; the so-called Islamic State was effectively defeated in Iraq and Syria; and Tunisia, Jordan and Lebanon amended laws that allowed rapists to escape punishment by marrying their victims.

womens marchThe Women’s March on 21st January 2017 was the largest demonstration in US history (image: Wired)

Plus, a homeless man who helped the victims of the Manchester bombing was given a home, an American airline flew a plane load of puppies to safety during Hurricane Harvey, and, in November, Donald Trump’s Twitter account was deactivated for 11 minutes.

With so much changing in the world, now really is a pivotal moment for us to seize the momentum and make a difference. Never has it been more important to learn about people who are different to us and stand up for what’s right, and with the ever-changing world of technology at our fingertips, never has it been easier!

This might mean something different for everyone. It could mean becoming engaged with a political issue or cause, volunteering for a charity or just being a friend to someone who needs one.

At Pink Jinn, we believe that the best way to start to make a difference is to learn more about the world and find commonality with people of different cultures and beliefs. No one country, government or organisation is going to solve the complex problems like climate change, terrorism, the refugee crisis… the list goes on. It sounds cheesy, but we really are all in it together!

IMG_6716Whatever you choose to do with 2018, I hope you’ll continue to read, travel and learn more about the world.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


Laura xx



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Cover image: Fireworks in Jounieh, Lebanon – Live Love Lebanon

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