The Daymaniyats: Arabian island paradise

With its sprawling deserts of burnt orange sand, towering rocky mountain ranges and pristine white beaches, Oman is becoming a top pick for travellers from around the world thanks to its dramatic scenery and seemingly endless sunshine.

The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Muscat.Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat, Oman (image: Travel and Leisure)

The Daymaniyat Islands Nature Reserve, located just off Muscat’s coastline, is no exception to this rule. Made up of nine islands covering just one square kilometre, the Daymaniyats are a stunning tropical archipelago and diver’s paradise that were previously little known to both tourists and locals.

Oman observer(image: Oman Observer)

Having remained one of Oman’s best kept secrets for years, the islands and the secluded tranquillity they offer are becoming increasingly popular with day trippers, particularly divers.

Turisti per caso(image: Turisti Per Caso)

The islands are known for their marine life. Turtles frequent the white sandy shores to lay their eggs, while the crystal-clear blue waters surrounding the islands play host to over 350 varieties of corals and over 100 species of tropical fish.

Vimeo(image: Vimeo)

The boat trip to the islands, which runs from Al Mouj in Muscat and takes 1-2 hours, is as much a part of the experience as the islands themselves. Dolphins and whale sharks swim playfully alongside the boat as you cruise through the clear blue waters, and the refreshing sea breeze can be a welcome break from Muscat’s stifling heat during the summer months.

times of oman.jpgDolphins swimming off the coast of Muscat (image: Times of Oman)

Upon reaching the islands, you’re greeted by the complete serenity of this tropical paradise, where the only sound is the water lapping gently on the shore.

original diving(image: Original Diving)

A day at the Daymaniyats is best spent snorkelling and paddle boarding, admiring the myriad of tropical fish that call these waters home.


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