3 young Moroccan bloggers taking the internet by storm

Prepare to meet three young Moroccans who are dominating the bloggersphere – all the while giving their followers a virtual tour of one of the world’s most beautiful countries…

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Yusra Idrissi

Fancy a trip to Morocco? Forget the Lonely Planet Guide, all you need is Yusra’s blog, Moroccan Musthaves. Yusra’s life is every traveller’s dream, hitting up a different luxury riad every week with plenty of adventure in between. A typical week for Yusra might involve quad biking in the Sahara, shopping for Berber carpets on the rooftops of Marrakech and relaxing in the incomparable Royal Mansour Spa.

For those obsessed with beautiful interiors, Yusra also created the Instagram craze, #ihavethisthingwithzelij, which is used to share photos of beautiful Islamic tiles and mosaics – of which there are a multitude in Morocco.

Follow her on Instagram for an endless stream of riad rooftops, serene dipping pools and mouth-watering meloui (doughy Moroccan pancakes).


Instagram: @moroccanmusthaves


Anas Ouaadidy

21-year-old Anas Ouaadidy is a Moroccan marketing student – and popular fashion and lifestyle blogger on the side. He seems to spend his days travelling around the most beautiful places in Morocco in serious style, much to the envy of his thousands of social media followers.

Like many fashion bloggers, Anas is no stranger to striking a pose that shows the perfect angle of a chic new watch or weekend bag – but he’ll do it in front of an historic kasbah or on top of a sand dune.


Instagram: @dy_anas


Yasmina Olfi

Welcome to the glamorous world of Yasmina Olfi. Rarely to be seen without a pair of statement sunglasses, Yasmina runs Fashion Mintea, a fashion and lifestyle blog that documents her envy-worthy life of hopping between beautiful hotels and international runways.

Fashion Mintea is a one-stop shop for the latest and chic-est fashion and beauty, coupled with travel tips to inspire glamorous getaways to the likes of Marrakech, Paris, Florence and LA. With an Instagram following of 99k, Yasmina is blazing the trail for lifestyle bloggers in North Africa and beyond.


Instagram: @fashionmintea


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