6 Lebanese foodies you need to follow

With its fresh, delicious and varied cuisine, Lebanon has earned a reputation as the food capital of the Middle East. Lebanese restaurants all over the world serve hummus, falafel and tabbouleh, while international chefs put their own, trendy spin on classic dishes.

But undoubtedly the best place enjoy Lebanese food is in Lebanon itself, where it is created with love by the people who know it best. These six Lebanese foodies give you a virtual food tour of their country, from authentic cafes to the coolest new eateries on the streets of Beirut to their own home kitchens.

If you’re planning on visiting Lebanon (and, well, why wouldn’t you…!), they have all the tips you could possibly need to stay thoroughly well-fed throughout your trip. If you’re not, you’ll find enough recipes and inspiration to create your very own Lebanese kitchen – with an edgy, sometimes hipster twist that is oh-so-Beirut… Enjoy!

Business News Lebanon.jpg(image: Business News Lebanon)

Traveling with Thyme


Christina created Traveling with Thyme to share her passion for food, which is deeply rooted in her Lebanese upbringing. Her blog and Instagram account follow her food-inspired journeys in Lebanon and beyond.

Lebanon Eats.png

Urban Lebanon


Follow Christelle and Cynthia of Urban Lebanon as they explore the best food, lifestyle and adventure that beautiful Beirut has to offer. These guys know ALL the coolest places in town, whether you’re looking for a quick coffee, a light bite or full on fatty treats.

urban potato 1.png

Lara Ariss


Lara Ariss grew up harvesting and cooking meals on her family’s farm in Sarafand, Lebabon. She’s now the owner of a boutique catering kitchen and the author of the Levantine Harvest cookbook – so she really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to food! Her specialities are deserts and all things sweet (caution: stalk her Instagram while hungry at your own risk).

Lara Ariss.png

Jessicca Moufarrej


Jessica Mouferrej is a mother and kitchen-lover based in Lebanon who shares her incredible food creations on Instagram. Not only does her food look absolutely stunning, but it uses all of the best, freshest Lebanese ingredients. The ultimate foodspiration!

Jess Moufarrej.png

Beirut Plate


Beirut Plate follows Dalia Hussein as she explores Beirut’s incomparable food scene. Her Instagram is full of tips and recommendations on where and what to eat in Lebanon’s capital, whether you’re looking for authentic Lebanese food or something a bit different – an absolute must-follow if you’re planning on visiting!

Beirut Plate.png

Yumies by Mira


Tripoli-based Mira Sleiman is a mother of two with a passion for cooking and baking. Her mouth-watering Instagram feed shares her favourite recipes, from healthy quinoa salads to killer Lebanese-inspired pistachio and rose water cakes.

Yumies by Mira.png


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