5 Instagram accounts that show a different side to Syria

Syria has been one of the world’s most talked about countries since the outbreak of civil war in 2011, but all people see and hear of the country is conflict, destruction and despair. Yet Syria was, and in many parts of the country, still is a beautiful place filled with kind, welcoming people.

These 5 Instagram accounts show another side to Syria, past and present. They highlight the beautiful places in the country that people never see and the images of happiness, love and resilience that fail to make the headlines when all we hear about is war. If you’ve ever felt despondent about the conflict, these accounts will renew your hope for the future of this beautiful country and encourage you to see Syria from a different perspective.

1. @live.love.syria

Live Love Syria

Live Love Syria curates photographs of the country using the hashtag #livelovesyria, in an attempt to showcase the country’s beauty and to create a positive social impact in local communities. It highlights both Syria’s natural charm and its remarkable people, showing how ordinary life goes on in spite of the conflict.

2. @mashrou.wanabqa

mashrou wanabqa

Mashrou Wanabqa (which means ‘Project We Will Remain’) is a non-political project started by Syrian teenagers Hani and Suzan, which focuses on Syrian people, arts and culture. Its aim is to challenge stereotypes and perceptions of Syria by sending a powerful alternative message about Syrians themselves and life in their country both before and since the war began.

3. @dazzling.syria

dazzling syr

Dazzling Syria’s posts are mostly landscape photography and architecture, both before and since the outbreak of war. By showing a combination of Syria’s stunning countryside, the maze of streets in the old towns and ancient landmarks and citadels, Dazzling Syria offers a visual representation of Syria’s rich culture and heritage.

4. @beautyofdamascus

beauty of dam

Beauty of Damascus was created out of hope and optimism to show the beauty, strength and resilience of Syria’s capital city. The account captures city landmarks, culinary delights and ordinary life on Damascus’s streets, giving an idea of what life in the city was like before the war.

5. @aleppototheworld

Aleppo to the world

Aleppo has been one of the most talked about cities in Syria as a result of non-stop airstrikes, vicious fighting and a brutal siege that came to a head in 2016, leaving thousands dead and many more injured and displaced. Aleppo to the World shares pictures of the city before it was destroyed, showing a side to the city rarely seen by those who have followed the news footage of its near total destruction.

AleppoPink skies over the city of Aleppo, Syria

While they all of these accounts show a slightly different view of Syria, one thing remains constant across them all: the love their curators clearly have for their country and their hope for a better future for Syrians.


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